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In antiquity, due to the frequent storms, the Black Sea was known as Pontos Axeinos (Inhospitable Sea). Still, with the growing numbers of colonies along the coastline and the development of commercial relations, the name changed to Pontos Euxeinos (Hospitable Sea).
Nowadays such a name comes as no surprise, especially if one has already visited the Bulgarian part of the Black Sea Coast in summer.
The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast is the cradle land of civilizations, preserving rich historical layers. Here one can see remnants of ancient civilizations, of heathen shrines, of the Thracian age, of the Hellenistic culture, of the Roman Empire, of the Middle Ages and the Bulgarian National Revival period.

Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast has long been recognized for its excellent seaside vacation opportunities.

The coast is 378 km long, including 70 beaches, numerous bays and picturesque combination of seaside and mountain nature. Emine Cape is the point where Stara Planina ends at the sea coast and it happens to be one of the most spectacular places along the shoreline. The resorts and towns located in the Black Sea region are suitable both for a family vacation and for those looking for entertainment. Albena, Rousalka, St. Constantine and Elena, Riviera and Dyuni resorts appeal mainly to families having children.
Younger tourists prefer Sunny Beach and Golden Sands because of the numerous clubs, bars, cafes and entertainment spots located in these two resorts. Sunny Beach often hosts parties of world-famous DJs and performers.

Sozopol and Nessebar are known for the combination of beautiful seaside nature and historic landmarks. Both towns are old and preserve a large number of archaeological remains and intriguing artifacts.
Eco-oriented tourists should head to the northern Black Sea coast or the preserves of Kamchia and Ropotamo. These places allow people to reconnect to nature and to explore its rare beauties. Bird watching is possible in many Black Sea regions.


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