Cultural and Historic Tourism

Bulgaria has yet to explore the numerous nuances of its cultural tourism opportunities. The country’s rich historic past has left its mark on each aspect of living, providing most cities and towns with beautiful and valuable landmarks. Cultural tourism is a very wide term that combines numerous activities and the exploration of diverse types of landmarks. And Bulgaria has many. The country has its Thracian sanctuaries, ethnographic museums, fortresses, Thracian tombs, Roman and Byzantine remains, architectural landmarks and monuments. All these have the potential to entice any visitor who decides to spend some time exploring them. Monasteries can also be seen as cultural tourism sites. Throughout the years, they were actively involved in the enlightenment attempts of local intelligentsia. They were the places where schools were opened and valuable manuscripts were protected and copied.
Nearly every town has its museum, some of which are unique to the Balkans, Europe or the world. Bulgaria has a rose museum, mining museum, yogurt museum, transportation and communications museum, woodcarving museum and humor museum. All these places protect valuable and intriguing collections that will help you learn more about the lifestyle, traditions and professional occupation of Bulgarians throughout time.

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