Situated on the crossroad between Asia and Europe, Bulgaria has a very colorful variety in all aspects, talking from culture and traditions, trough historical heritage and cuisine. The combination of a vast variety of the nature and extremely rich flora and fauna is making the country a tourist destination, suitable for various tastes. The above-mentioned explains the opportunities for a wide range of tourist products such as: Sea and summer; Mountain Tourism; Spa & wellness; Healthcare and medical; Cultural and Historic Tourism; Hunting and fishing etc.
Tourism sector in Bulgaria is accounting for a significant part of the economy (11,4% from GDP for 2012) and is growing in the past years. For 2012 the country has been visited by more than 6,54 mln. Foreign tourists (excluding transit passengers). This makes Bulgaria one of the most visited tourist destination in South Eastern Europe. There are 142 official resorts in the country, 58 of them are spa, 56 – mountain and 28 – sea resorts. In recent years, Bulgaria has emerged as a travelling destination with its inexpensive resorts and beaches outside the reach of the tourist industry. “Lonely Planet” ranked it among its top 10 destinations for 2011.

Apart from the traditional summer seaside and winter tourism opportunities, Bulgaria has managed to diversify its leisure time entertainment and tourism options. Its geography, natural formations, rich cultural background and spiritual heritage give it the chance to offer visitors many opportunities.

Regardless of your preferences, you will be able to discover something fascinating in the country. You can suntan on the beautiful beaches, climb or hike in the mountains, explore folklore in the old villages or go for a tour to a Thracian sanctuary that is still preserved and accessible.
The types of tourism in Bulgaria are numerous. Nature lovers, party animals and those looking for peaceful relaxation will all be equally satisfied.

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