Borovets is a popular place in summer. The cool crystal-clear mountain air, the picturesque forest glens, the magic of the lakes and the gleaming mountain tops under the impeccably blue sky are really invigorating, charging all visitors with energy and pleasure.

What does a summer vacation in Borovets offer?

• Short trekking tours round the resort and to beauty spots near-by.
Pleasant walks are organized, so that the visitors have a glimpse of modern Borovets. Romantic hikes are arranged along winding mountain paths, where the aroma of pine and dewy meadows covered with wild flowers and herbs is in the air.
• Daylong or even longer trekking tours.
Borovets in summer offers scores of scenic routes to picturesque spots and various cultural and historical attractions in the region (a visit to Bistritsa Residence of Bulgarian tsars [kings], to the Black Cliff, the Residence in Sitnyakovo, to Chakar Voyvoda Mountain Lodge, to Saragyol, etc), to faraway places in the Rila Mountains (Mt Moussala, Sedemte Rilski Ezera [Seven Rila Lakes], Mt Malyovitsa, etc.)
Most of the groups are led by experienced guides and professional mountaineers; the organizers provide the hikers with lunch picnic, and if necessary, with transportation.

Challenges in summer
• Mountain biking combines the pleasures of the peaceful view of the majestic Rila Mountains and the skill to bike along soil roads and mountain paths on a bicycle or a mini-scooter. There are special routes for mountain biking, which one can follow either individually or in a group with a guide. There are bicycles for rent at the resort. The most popular itineraries follow trails to the beauty spot The Black Cliff, to the village of Beli Iskar, to the town of Samokov.
•Jeep safari. A relatively new entertainment for all lovers of extreme sports.
Short jeep-drives and daylong drives are arranged to the Seven Rila Lakes, to Sefer Cheshma, to Iskar Dam where visitors can sunbathe or relax during a short drive on a boat.
• Horse riding. An exciting undertaking, calling for skills and courage. The special horse trips could be done either individually or in a group with a skilled instructor.

Pleasant drives with a donkey cart or ponies are offered. The visitors can enroll for riding lessons in the mountains. All who love horse riding can visit the Iskar Hunting Farm, 32 km from Borovets.
Playing tennis in Rila Mountains. All fans of this elegant sport can use the tennis courts by Yagoda Villas. The visitors can rely on the help of instructors and sparring partners.
Mountain view from a helicopter. Panoramic tours offer a chance to get in touch with the majestic Rila Mountain and to feel the thrill of flying over the mountaintops.
Photo safari. Elegant and breathtaking hunt with a camera. A pleasant activity with much emotion when tourists have a proof of the thrills they have experienced.

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