The Roman Cities in Bulgaria

Numerous remains of Roman times have been brought to life with the help of some imagination. Many of them, partially restored and thoroughly displayed, succeed in presenting to us to a great extent the skills of builders and architects of those days. Even today one can observe impressive traces of fortress walls and forums, temples and thermal baths, amphitheatres, stadiums and buildings of different purposes in the ancient cities of Trimoncium/Philipopulis (present day Plovdiv), Serdica (present day Sofia), Odesos (Varna), Pautalyia (Kyustendiul), Diocletianopolis (Hisar), Abritus (Razgrad), Nicopolis ad Nestum (to the east of Gotse Deltchev) Nicopolis ad Istrum (to the north of Veliko Tarnovo), Novae (near Svishtov), Sexagintha Prista (Russe) etc. Most of them originated from Thracian settlements, which the Romans expanded, and today they are architectural reserves. Amongst the findings of this age, on display in many museums, are the marble statues wrought with great artistic skills, sculptural bas reliefs, ritual slabs, architectural ornaments and inscriptions. The floor mosaics from the Later Antiquity in Augusta Trajana (Stara Zagora) are located in the central part of the city, and declared an archeological reserve.



Ulpia Oescus | Novae | Durostorum | Nicopolis ad istrum | Abritus
Marcianopolis | Odessus | Serdica | Philippopolis | Diocletianopolis
Augusta Traiana / Beroe | Mesambria Pontica | Pautalia
Nicopolis ad Nestum

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