Pamporovo is one of the most famous Bulgarian mountain resorts, modern, exclusive, as well as an international ski centre. It is located in the midst of age-old fir trees in the Western Rhodopes, in the foot of the beautiful Mt Snezhanka (1925 m), at 1620 m above sea level. It is 240 km from Sofia, 75 km from Plovdiv, 18 km from Smolyan and 10 km from Chepelare.

Pamporovo is the sunniest mountain resort in Bulgaria, attractive and visited all year round. It is enough to spend one sunny day up in the mountain to get suntanned. The sunny days here are more than 240 a year! Let’s not forget the clear mountain air, which strengthens the organism and the immune system. Experts are positive that this is the most ecological region in Bulgaria. The average annual temperature here is 8.5° C.

On Mt Snezhanka rises the symbol of the resort – the 132-metre high television tower with a cafe-bar and a spacious terrace with unbelievably beautiful panorama of the resort with the ski-runs and the ridges around. Some claim that in sunny weather one can see the Aegean Sea.

Pamporovo started to develop as a resort during the 1930-ies. Its overall architectural plan was prepared in 1967. Today the sports facilities are perfect; there are comfortable hotels, complexes and villas, bars, discos, nightclubs, restaurants and cafes, shopping centres and centers for various services and amusement. Some of the hotels offer programmes for health improvement, relaxation and recreation, carried out under the control and special attention of specialists: doctors, dietologists, therapists, fitness instructors, etc. Various trips and excursions are arranged so that tourists can relish the beauty of the Rhodopes, the impressive cultural and historic heritage, the rhythm and colours coming from the hearts of the country people.

Pamporovo is the southernmost ski resort in Europe, internationally famous. It attracts like a magnet not only skiers and fans of snowboarding but also lovers of the wonderful sunny mountains. Winter here is mild and pleasant; the snow cover is up to 140 cm and stays during the whole winter season. The average temperature in January is 3°C below zero. The resort offers perfect conditions for skiing and snowboarding. National and international skiing competitions, funny contests, amusing winter festivals are held here. Every week on the well-lit 500 m ski-run close
to Studenets Area there is a snow show, which attracts noisy spectators.

Every evening, after the winter sun has set and skiers are pleasantly tired after a day on the slopes or after the walks, the hotels, villas and restaurants attract all with their lights and warm sofas in front of the fireplaces, with the exquisite taste of the typical Rhodopes cuisine and the bouquet of red wines. These are the hours for rest and merriment under the flickering lights of the nightclubs, discos and pubs.

Pamporovo in winter – a fairy tale of snow, sun and light…

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