This is the third largest mountain range in Bulgaria after the Balkan Mountains and the Rhodope Mountains. It is situated between the Balkan Mountains and the Upper Thracian Lowlands. Its core is made up of granite, gneiss and amphibolites, and on the southern slopes there are limestone and marl. It can be divided into Ihtiman, Central and Eastern Sredna Gora. The most attractive, with the most landmarks and the best tourist infrastructure, is the Central Sredna Gora. The range’s highest peak, Bogdan (1604 m or 5213 ft) looms here; its slopes are covered in expansive broadleaf and evergreen forest massifs. Many villages connected with the April Uprising of 1876 (against the Ottoman rule) are situated in its foothills: KoprivshtitsaPanagyurishte, Oborishte, Klisura and Lisets. The natural resources of the range have given rise to numerous balneological resorts: HisaryaPavel Banya, Strelcha, Stara Zagora, the village of Pchelin near Sofia, the village of Krasnovo near Plovdiv and the town of Banya near Pazardzhik among others.

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