glozhene monastery


The Glozhene monastery is situated in the northern part of the Central Balkan Mountain on a high and steep rock. It is one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria and the view that opens from it is fantastic.

It was founded, according to the legend, by the Russian Kniaz Georgi Glozh, who settled in these parts during the reign of Ivan-Assen II (1218-1241). He founded a settlement called Glozhene and near it he built a small fortress and a monastery called ,,The Transfiguration”. Remnants from it are still preserved.
Later was built the present-day monastery on the rising rocky hill of the Lisets massif. There are no concrete data exactly when this happened – in the 18th c or as late as 18th-19th c.

It is believed that the old monastery church was built in the 15th-16th c and survived till the beginning of the 20th c but was seriously damaged in 1904 and 1913 by earthquakes. In its place in 1931 was built the present church and the iconostasis was moved from the old to the new one.

In 18th-19th c were constructed also the living quarters for the monks in the place of the old buildings. From the old buildings only the old tunnel cut in the rock has remained. It is called ,,Prosechnik” (cut in the rock) and is the only way to the monastery yard.

In the 18th c the monastery consolidated and started wide educational activity by opening a school in the near-by village of Malak Izvor and the first school in the town of Lovech.

During the period of national-liberation struggle Father Superior Hadji Evtimiy Simeonov took active part in the revolutionary struggle and offered refuge to Vassil Levski many times. In 1893 the Metropolitan of Turnovo Kliment (with the secular name of the writer Vassil Drumev) was exiled in the monastery by the regime of Prime Minister Stambolov (1887-1894).

The most important relic in the monastery is the old temple icon ,,St. George the Victor”. Following the legend, it was brought over from Russia by Kniaz Georgi Glozh himself and is related to interesting legends.

The monastery is situated by the ,,Hemus” highway, near the town of Yablanitsa and one can reach it by a steep but well-kept road.

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