Cultural Heritage

Bulgaria has a rich historical and cultural heritage which is shown in the illustrations of this part. It introduces the dominant ethnic groups, folklore regions and folk festivals: three elements of a whole system centred around peoples and their traditions. This section to present the national project referred to as Living Human Treasures and the national list of Bulgarian Living Human Treasures. Special attention is paid to the Bistritsa Babi and the Nestinari from the village of Bulgari (both on UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity).
There are more than forty thousand listed cultural monuments in Bulgaria, while state and municipal museums hold over five million valuable cultural items. Seven cultural monuments and two natural sites have been recognized as unique and having world significance and have been included in UNESCO World Heritage List.
The aim is, not only to make this rich cultural heritage popular, but also to emphasize our collective duty to protect it and hand it down to following generations.
We believe that will spur new initiatives for cooperation, cultural exchange and attracting new supporters of the preservation of human cultural heritage as a source of wisdom and creativity.

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