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Traditional cuisine is holding a primordial part in Bulgaria’s culture and traditions. Meat, cheese and yogurt are a must on the Bulgarian table, as well as wine and rakia (the national spirit alcohol).
Bulgarian yogurt is worldwide known for its taste and healthy effects. Its existence is dated back around IV millennium B.C. on our territory and is believed to be discovered by the Thrace. Proof of the
Bulgarian roots in the real Bulgarian yogurt is the name, given to the microorganism, responsible for fermentation of the milk “Lactobacillus Bulgaricus”.
Well-known are also the Bulgarian white cheese and ,
yellow cheese, called “kashkaval”. Both of them occupy a fundamental part in the preparation of, many of the traditional dishes.
Among the most specific cuisine which has, their own particular spirit are the ones in the mountain regions of Pirin and Rhodopes. Here t you can find some dishes, that you won’t be able to taste elsewhere in the country. The, traditional cuisine uses various spices, as the country is very rich in matter of herbs. Bulgaria exports about 15,000 tons of herbs each year.
Bulgaria is very famous with its wines and long traditions in winemaking. With the combination of favorable climate, fertile soil – Bulgarian wines are known all over the world. It is not by coincidence that our country was the world’s second-largest exporter of bottled wine in the 70s and 80s. Bulgaria has more than 220 industrial wineries with a total capacity of 710 million litres. Typical Bulgarian red wines sorts are “Mavrud”, “Shiroka melnishka loza”, “Gumza”, “Rubin”, “Pamid”. From with sorts, most popular is “Dimyat”, which is more spreaded in the Black sea coast region, and mostly in the region of Varna. Examples of the rich millenniums-long traditions in the wine sector are numerous. Many archeological discoveries has been found, witnessing the cult toward wine God Zagreus and golden dishes for wine. Hence if interested you can always visit the numerous caves and do wine testing, or be part of the wine tours organized in the country, where not only you will taste, but you can learn more about the whole process of wine making in Bulgaria. In the north of the country, near the town of Pleven, is situated the Museum of wine.
If interested, you can also test and explore the process of making the traditional Bulgarian alcoholic drink “rakia”. That typical local alcohol can be made from different sorts of fruits, but the most popular ones are from grape, plums, apricot.
Until the 80’s and early 90’s pretty much every family in villages had its own heating system for preparing this drink.
Last but not least you can taste the traditional Bulgarian yogurt, famous with its quality and health effects among the world. You can also taste and visit one of the many honey producers in the country and get involved in the long century apiculture traditions in beekeeping in Bulgaria. The variety of honey is wide in our country as some of the herbs from which it is derived exists only here.

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