Borovets is the biggest high-class luxurious mountain resort, as well as one of the most popular international ski centres in Bulgaria. It is situated in the Moussalenski Part of the eastern range of the Rila Mountains, at the foot of Mt Moussala (2925 m). The resort spreads out at 1230 m up to 1390 m above sea level, among age-old pine woods which gave its original name Chamkoria. Borovets is easily accessible, being at a distance of 73 km from Sofia, 126 km from Plovdiv and 10 km down the road from Samokov and one can rely on first-class roads. The climate of the resort is characteristic for its cool summer (the average temperature in July is 15.2° C) and mild snowy winter (the average temperature in January is 4.82° C)

Borovets is Bulgaria’s oldest mountain resort. Few are aware that it was first established as a summer resort. Its beginning was modest, even inconspicuous. In 1896, the mayor of Samokov built a small wooden shack for his sick wife in the hope that the clear mountainous air among the pine trees will relieve her suffering. Later, for the needs of Kniaz Ferdinand and his family, as well as for his entourage shooting boxes, summer residences and villas were built. The construction of new hotels and tourist infrastructure started after 1948 with the aim of making the place popular as a winter sports tourist centre. The healthy climate, the unforgettable landscapes of Rila Mountains and the perfect conditions for various winter sports and pleasant relaxation in summer, made Borovets one of the most popular resorts in the country. It avails various modern facilities and excellent opportunities for the full range of winter sports, suitable for people of different age and preferences. The coziness and luxury of the hotels and villas are the prerequisites for a perfect vacation. The responsiveness and resourcefulness of the staff, their readiness to prepare programmes for the visitors, the scores of scenic excursions and trips, various amusements, business meetings and hikes in the open air, will certainly make your holiday one of a kind. Tourists and guests may use the numerous restaurants, bars, fitness centres, saunas, etc.

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