bansko in summer


By all means! Bansko in summer is a marvel! The charm of Pirin, the cool of the forests up in the mountain, the fairy-tale silhouettes of the pines and white firs, the shadowy paths, the aromatic wild berries… Among the numerous offers made by the countless hotels and rest homes there are sightseeing tours round the town, opportunities for pleasant walks and picnics near-by, interesting excursions and outings with short and long trekkings to beauty spots, rounds to mineral springs, towns close-by and attractive nooks.

• For all who love mountain bicycling, there is a network of paths crossing the woods, cross-country bicycling. Those who crave for extreme sports can put the bicycles in their cars or in the mini buses that will take them to one of the lodges up in the mountains and from there go down the picturesque meanders of the paths in Pirin Mountains.

• The more patient and calm tourists may go fishing.

• The picnics and gathering of herbs for aromatic tea, or picking wild berries, to be made into jelly or jam, are for the practical romantics.

• Observation of birds and rare plants are for all who are highly observant and love scientific research. If you are a good painter, this is the perfect place. If you are not a painter, then take pictures so that the summer vacation in Bansko will remain unforgettable.

• No matter how you spend I the summer, you might be kidnapped by ‘haidouks’. Don’t be afraid – this is part of a surprise, which ends in a pleasant way – with a feast on a meadow deep in the woods.

• In case you are a workaholic, you will definitely find something of interest – a summer seminar or a professional discussion in a first-class hotel, lobby bar or out in the open air.

One indescribably pleasant summer in Pirin Mountains.
Welcome to Bansko, the adventures await you!

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