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Bulgaria ranks second in Europe after Iceland in the number of the mineral springs, providing all types of mineral water existing in nature. The country holds over 1 600 springs, of which
more than 600 are mineral springs, 80% of which has proved curative features and are mainly located in the foothills of mountains.

The country is well ahead of countries with proven
tradition in balneology in terms of existing,
developed and registered (certified) mineral water
resources. Every known type of natural mineral
water has its representative in Bulgaria.
The country has long-standing tradition in
balneology and spa tourism and its potential in
that field has been recognized since the antiquity,
from the time of the Thracians and throughout
the Roman Empire. In Roman times (I-VII century)
Bulgaria was virtually strewn with baths and
balneotherapy sanatoria: Augusta (today Hisar),
Pautalia/Kyustendil ‘(Thermopolis) Bourgas Mineral
Baths, Germanea (Sapareva Banya), Tanzos
(Sliven Baths Serdica) Sofia. The largest Roman
bath on the Balkan Peninsular was the Roman
bath in Varna, built at the end of the 2nd century.

There are numerous hotels, sanatoria, clinics, but also the opportunity to purchase holiday homes, hotels (real estate at good prices in mountainous regions and the Black Sea coast). Modern SPA hotels and spa centres offer all year round spa and wellness packages and medical programmes. Almost all are 4 or 5 star establishments and have swimming pools, saunas, solariums, fitness centres, gyms, beauty salon, etc. and a team of well trained and highly qualified and experienced professionals. The most significant effects of mineral water treatment in Bulgaria are:
– Lowering blood pressure and improving heart functions;
– Regeneration and strengthening of the immune and cardiovascular systems;
– Improved metabolism;
– Elimination of functional disorders;
– Anti-inflammatory effect;
– Some mineral waters enhance the body’s resistance to radiation effects;
– Beneficial effects for bronchitis, joint, kidney, skin, gynaecological diseases and others;
– Health-enhancing underwater massages and underwater gymnastics;
– Thalassotherapy methods offered in Bulgaria are based on the healing power of seawater, sea minerals and algae.
Bulgaria also possesses valuable deposits of curative firth mud and curative peat. Places with deposits are many, but a big share can be found on the Black sea coast.
Some of the popular ones are around 35 km north of Varna, and are visited by people of all over the world, who has been persuaded by the curative effects.

Mineral waters and favorable climate, together with the great diversity of herbs and other flora used for aroma therapy and phytotherapy, provides opportunities for beneficial year-round treatment and prophylaxis of a range of ailments, and it also creates excellent conditions for relaxation. The country is also known for its highly qualified personnel, excellent accommodations, and diverse programs and services that include massage, baths with mineral water, pearl baths, reflex therapy, traditional needle therapy, medicinal exercises, acupuncture, laser therapy, acupressure, paraffin treatment, apitherapy, phytotherapy, mud treatment, aroma therapy, anti-stress programs, dieting programs and programs for losing weight, balneo-cosmetics, sauna, solarium, fitness, and medical cosmetics.

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