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For more active people, or persons who want to try a different way of spending their holidays, Bulgaria can propose a vast variety of breathtaking activities and unforgettable memories. There are excellent opportunities for sport and outdoor activities along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. At almost every resort, there are clubs which offers training and equipment for diving, windsurfing, kite-surfing, surfing and other outdoor sports. You can as well rent jet-skis, motor or sailing boat or enjoy spear fishing, water-skis etc. The very good wind conditions has lead to the popularization of windsurfing in the country in early 80’s and a bit more than decade later kite-surfing.
Bulgaria’s mountains cover a third of the nation’s territory, a well-developed network of eco-trails allow visitors the opportunity to appreciate their remarkable beauty. Fully-equipped climbing facilities have been established in some mountain regions near of the town of Vratsa, Lakatnik Rocks, Malyovitsa, and elsewhere. You can also explore Bulgaria’s mountains and sea coast on horseback. There are equestrian facilities throughout the country offering both shorter rides and pack trips with a guide, both in the mountains and lowlands. Equestrian sports have been established in the country for almost 90 years, and a competition sanctioned by the World Cup of Equestrian Sport is held . annually in the town of Bozhurishte.
Those searching for a jolt of adrenalin can try whitewater rafting on Bulgaria’s swift-flowing rivers, such as the Struma, Iskar, and Mesta. Rafting and kayaking are also popular on the rivers in the Iskar and Kresna Gorge areas. In May and June normally the water levels are at their highest. Another way to raise adrenalin levels is to sail above the Bulgarian countryside. The heights over the town of Sopot, for example, are some of the best places for paragliding in all of Europe. Paragliders and hang-gliders also take to the air over Vitosha, Sliven, Kyustendil, Stara Zagora and Albena. Two of the routes of the Eurovelo network, established by the European Biking Federation, also pass through the country. These are Eurovelo 13, which passes along the length of the former Iron Curtain, and Eurovelo 6, which follows the Loire and Rheine rivers and continues to the mouth of the Danube. Bungee jumping is organized on the higher bridges in the country, as well as in the Prohodna cave. Leaping into a cave’s abyss is an unforgettable experience.
In the past few years Bulgaria has begun to establish itself as a first-class golf destination. In the northern part of the Black Sea, there are three world-class golf courses. Modern golf courses designed by world-famous players such as Gary Player and lan Woosnan are now open for play. There are three courses along the Northern Black Sea roast, three near Sofia, one near the mountain resort of Bansko, one in Pravets, and one near the town of Sliven. Hunting and fishing are also well developed in the country. Bulgaria is the second most biologically diverse nation in Europe. Concerning the fauna variety, more than 750 species are vertebrates. Of these, 397 are birds, 207 fish, 94 mammals, and 52 are amphibians and reptiles. The animal population includes red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar, mouflon, chamois, capercaillie, bear,—-pheasant, and partridge. Excellent conditions for hunting big game are available in the hunting game-breeding farms near Botevgrad, Vitinya, Samokov, Aramliets, Borovets, Borovo, Zhenda, Kormisosh, Studen Kladenets, Rusalka, Palamara, Rakitovo, Midzhur, village of Parvenets, Bosna, Byalka, Voden and elsewhere. The Black Sea offers unique opportunities to fishing for turbot, mullet, bluefish, cod, mackerel, bonito and others, and Bulgaria’s rivers also abound in fish. The country’s many dams also afford excellent opportunities for sport fishing.
Hundreds of kilometers of marked eco paths have been created for accessing many of the hidden treasures of Bulgarian nature with various relaxation installations – chalets, shelters, alcoves, benches, observation places, etc. Paths with total length of over 37,000 km have been marked in the mountains. Some of the international tourist routes pass through the country – the final section (Kom – Emine) of the European tourist route E-3, the European tourist route -4 – Vitosha – Veriia –RilaPirin and the European tourist route E-8 – Rila – Rhodope.

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