Valley of the Thracian Kings

Some of the most exciting landmarks on Bulgarian lands are connected with the rich cultural wealth of the Thracians, who have created incredible masterpieces of art and architecture. That people of traditional warriors, farmers and stock-breeders showed skills in vine and fruit-growing, mining and smelting, pottery-making and vitally important goldsmith’s craft. The Thracians believed in life after death, worshipping the Great Mother Goddess and her son, the Sun. A characteristic figure in their culture is the horseman-warrior, known as the Thracian horseman, seen on many stone and marble tomb-stones. The Thracian people gave birth to the legendary gladiator Spartacus, the leader of the greatest slave uprising in the Roman Empire in 74-71 BC, as well as to the mythical singer Orpheus. Born amongst the divine nature of the Rhodope Mountains, Orpheus was the spiritual tutor and mediator between people and gods, carrying the prayers of mortals and bringing back the immortals’ messages…

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