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Thracian Tomb in Kazanlak

Thracian Tomb in Kazanlak, one of the most famous cultural sites in Bulgaria dates from late IV B.C.-beginning of III c. B.C. and has been constructed for a Thracian nobleman. Near the tomb was the main city of Odrysae Thracian tribe - Seuthopolis.

Kazanlak Thracian Tomb is included in UNESCO’s list of World Cultural Heritage because of its unique architecture and well-preserved paintings. In fact this tomb and the recently discovered Thracian tomb near the village of Aleksandrovo are the only ones in Europe remaining from the Hellenistic Age with preserved frescoes. The tomb consists of a narrow corridor and a round burial chamber with the famous paintings on the cupola. Researchers of Thracian culture think these paintings represent Thracian faith in immortality. Thracians believed live does not end with death but turns into a different stage. In order to preserve the paintings in the tomb a replica has been constructed nearby the original. With our “World Heritage in Bulgaria tour” you can discover the Thracian Tomb in Kazanlak and many of the UNESCO monuments in Bulgaria . A visit of the Thracian Tomb is included in the sightseeing tour of Kazanlak.

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