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The most convenient way to reach the village of Lisicite is through the rope bridge over the Studen Kladenec dam. You can reach the bridge through the village of Shiroko Pole or getting off the the train at "Zhelyazna vrata" stop. The village of Lisicite is located at the south cost of the dam.

The Thracian fortress is about 100m south of the village, in a place named Chit Kaya. A wall, built without any cement or mortar, keeps the north pass, enclosing an area of 1200 square meters. In the beginning of the fortress wall there lies the tomb of Shahin dede, which was built using stones from the wall. There are no other buildings and facilities registered, because there have never been excavations here. The other rocks in the area were carved with tens of niches, some of them were destroyed by the ages. The rocks in which niches were carved have their specific beautiful shapes that resemble pyramids, mushrooms, etc. Their shape is due to erosion and the variable thickness of the rocks.

Not disturbed by people, in the rocks there live many rare bird species.

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