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The grave in the Svetitsata mound was discovered in 2004 between the town of Shipka and Krun village, Kazanluk region. It is built of perfectly cut stone pieces and has the form of a sarcophagus. In it was buried a Thracian ruler (following the Orphic ritual, only part of the legs and the lower jaw were laid there) with an almost complete set of weapons, metal and ceramic vessels. The objects found make the treasure unique.
There is an anatomic armour-plating of two pieces - front and back, two swords, spears, 144 bronze arrow tips, two large amphoras, the sides of two jars with paintings of satires in red, of Heracles, priests, a musician, a silver cup with two handles and a bronze hydria.
Also discovered was a massive gold seal-ring weighing 15 gm and carrying an exquisite concave image of an Olympic oarsman in a boat. In the place of the head there is a mask - phial, depicting a man with heavy hair, moustaches and beard, having no analogue on the Balkans. It is made of 23-carat gold and weighs 694 gm. It must have belonged to the ruler of the Odrissi King Teres, who lived in the second half of the 5th c. B.C.

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