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They are situated about 2km north of Beli Plast village by the road from Kardzhali to Haskovo, through the village of Stremtzi, They were designated as a natural landmark in 1974. The protected area is 3 decares. Due to their variable thickness, these natural landforms were shaped by the sun, the wind and the rain in the form of giant mushrooms, A legend says that these rocks were the chopped heads of four sisters, who refused to obey a tyrannical master.

Going along the road to the mushroom rocks, about 2km before the road slopes down to the village of Stremtzi and 200m left of the road, there are 6 entrances to an old Thracian mine. The place is known in the region as the Inikler cave ("inik" means cow). It is widely believed to be an ancient gold mine. Nowadays, one can still see traces of organized ore mining. There are several vertical mine works above the entrances, which are thought to be air-holes. The total gallery length is about 310m, ending with a small pond. Local people believe that its water can heal cows' sterility.

Heading back to Kardjali, one can visit the Perperikon archaeological site.

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