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This medieval fortress is situated at the right bank of Arda river, about 150 m north of the village. There is a rural road, which will lead you there. The fortress covers an area of 562 square meters on top of a rocky hill above Studen Kladenec dam. The fortress wall surrounds the hill from all sides, In some places, the ruins of the wall reach 7m in height and 1.75m in thickness.

Most probably, it was built in the XII - XIII century. There are ruins of two rectangular two-floor inner towers. Their walls are about 2.20 meters thick, coated with mortar and shattered bricks mixed with it. The first floor was used as a water tank. One can easily distinguish the stages of wall and premises construction in later periods of the fortress existence. Its entrance was on the south-east side.

Archaeologists studied the fortress in 1971-1974. They found patterned ceramics with sgraffito decoration, an iron mask, arrows, copies, jewelry.

In the area between the villages of Vishegrad and Ostrovica, there are one of the most beautiful types of agates and jaspers in the East Rhodopes.

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