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This is a fortified monastery at the right bank of Arda river. Its building starred in the IX century and it was reorganized in the XI century. They built a fortress wall with square towers in the corners and in the middle of each wall and the temple started functioning as a bishop's residence. There are wall-paintings preserved, dating from the XIII century.

During their studies in 1998, archaeologists found unique gold-threaded garment, which belonged to one of the bishops of Achridos. The ceremonial robes - made of silk, embroidered with gold threads - have been carefully preserved. A wonderful image of the Mother of God with a Greek inscription has survived on the lower portion of one side.

The temple has its contemporary appearance since the year of 2000.

In the town suburbs, at the left side of the road to Petlino village there is a well-preserved Roman barrow. During the archaeological works there appeared many graves, situated near the barrow's edge, with grave inventory. The items are stored in the regional museum of history.

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