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Paisiy Hilendarski was born in 1722 in Bansko in the family of the tradesman Michail Hadji Vulchov. Round 1745 he became a monk in the Hilendar monastery in Athos where he started compiling "Slavic-Bulgarian History". In 1761 he traveled to Sremski Karlovtsi, Austria, to collect additional materials for it. After his return, he moved to the Zograph monastery where, in 1762, he finished his history. At the bottom of the composition are naive and foreign sources: historical writings, Old Bulgarian literature, the charters of Bulgarian kings, passionals, chronicles, etc.

"Slavic-Bulgarian History" is the first piece of new Bulgarian literature and historiography. With his ideas of education, religious independence and political liberation, Paisiy Hilendarski set the foundations of a new era - the Bulgarian Revival.

The influence of this small book can be seen in the revelation of P. R. Slaveikov made years later: "Reading this book dispersed the monastic fog that had come over me and inspired new hopes in me. Till that moment I was thinking only of saving my soul but after reading this history my goal became the salvation of my people..."

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