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Neolithic Dwellings Museum

Two dwellings from the New Stone Age (6th millennium BC) are preserved in the Neolithic Dwellings Museum. These are the best preserved dwellings from this era in Europe and contain a rich collection of tools and artifacts.

The permanent exhibition in the museum introduces visitors to the Prehistoric art of the Stara Zagora Region. The dwellings belonged to a settlement which had suddenly been burned down. All the household goods had been buried under the ruins and thus preserved throughout the millennia. The two one-room dwellings have a common partition wall, covered by a common straw roof. They had been built from wooden stakes entwined with thin poles, covered with a mixture of clay and straw.


Several pieces of broken earthenware scattered on the floor (between 80 and 120 vessels in each of the dwellings) have been found. Charred wheat, barley, vetch, and lentils have been found in the granaries. All the tools used by the ancient people for building the dwellings were made of hard stone and flint - axes, adzes, chisels, etc. The permanent exhibition in the museum introduces visitors to the best specimens of Prehistoric art found during archaeological excavations in Stara Zagora Region: earthenware, religious pieces of plastic arts, ornaments of marble, bone, clay and clam shells are shown. Guided tours in available in English, French and Russian.


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