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The mud therapies

The Pomorie salt lake was formed as a result of an earthquake with catastrophic proportions, about eight thousand years B.C. The lime mud, which is formed there for many centuries now, is used for treatment of over 45 different medical conditions, related to the skeletal and muscular systems, the nervous system and the reproductive system, mainly due to the higher percentages of hydrogen, manganese, chlorine, calcium, sodium and sulfates in the mud.

The therapy is uses about health prevention, de-toxic and rejuvenation of the body. Many people arrive alone at the village and go to the lake to bring the mud by, and do all alone or request friends to spread their bodies, without any doctor consultation in advance but they say that feel very well and do it mostly for a body tonus. Some of the local men make money as offer a mud massages, the town survives mostly by the tourism, nude beaches and mud tourism.

Most of the tourists spread the mud over their nude bodies in order to cover it better, now all this is a free for everybody as anybody has not to pay any for it, the people pay just for the hotels during their visit to the town. The mud helps to the human body to fight against may of the illnesses as it is a source of many microelements necessary to the human body. The mud therapies possess strong anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, at the same time improving the metabolism. The mud is suitable for treating knee pains, coxofemoral joints, as well as back and spinal pains.

One of the unique properties of the Pomorie salt lake mud is the positive effect it has on the reproductive system of the human organism, especially in the treatment of sterility. Gynecological mud application is suitable for the treatment of the female reproductive system, especially parametritis and sterility. The mud effects thermal, muscie- skeleton and chemical human functions. Thermal, as it accelerates the blood circulation and metabolism. Muscie- skeleton, as it effects the deep tissue, skeleton and accelerates the thermal circulation. Chemical, as it delivers necessary microelements to all parts of the human body.

There are few methods of mud therapy depends of the cases. Spare method it uses for central nerve system cases it contains 15 procedures per month at 15 minutes each as the mud temperature must not be over 38 degrees centigrade (100.4 Fahrenheit) Intensity method uses for skeleton pains, rheumatism and skin problems it contains 15 procedures per month at 30 minutes each as the mud temperature must not be over 48 degrees centigrade (118.4 Fahrenheit). The doctors always advice before to start any mud therapy to make a consultation with a doctor and a skin allergy test also, because the human body is very complicated mechanism and sometimes is possible to harm the body using the mud caused by allergy reaction as most often.

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