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This folklore region encompasses Central Northern Bulgaria as well as the western parts of the country. The local folklore is a mixture as a result of the migrations to the Balkan mountains. After the Independence there was a reverse movement back to the plains, where people from the north mixed with the original inhabitants as well as with vast groups of people from Thrace. Here one can find unique to this area pentatonic songs, old wedding songs, harvest songs with specific whoops, etc.

As to Northwest Bulgaria, the dancing is extremely easy and in small steps, but in the characteristic "shaking" when the legs and shoulders are rhythmically and finely springy, you can feel the great internal power of the dancers. The dances of almost the whole of North Bulgaria are characterized by such ease and dynamism. Widespread and very attractive are the North Bulgaria Christmas carols. Strong impression is produced by the solemn ring of the songs, performed by the Christmas carolers, who, using the characteristic refrains and addresses, make wishes for happiness in the family and for prosperity on the farm.

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