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Ethnographic Area Complex Zlatograd

The greatest place of general interest in the Municipality of Zlatograd is the unique Ethnographic Area Complex – Zlatograd (EAC). The idea of creating it was realised by the owner of the BULTEX Ltd. Company, Eng. Alexander Mitushev, who ensures the necessary material funds and organisation.

This is the first in Bulgaria (and for the time being, the only!) private ethnographic area complex. The complex was opened with the cooperation of the Municipality of Zlatograd on May 24, 2001 – the festive day devoted to the Bulgarian culture and education and the Slavonic script. The numerous sites, some of which have been reconstructed with the assistance of the PHARE and SAPARD programmes, disclose and reflect the natural-geographical specifics and the wealth of the millenniums-long history of the Zlatograd ethnocultural area, and above all, those of Zlatograd and the settlements in the municipality.

Its unique nature is determined by: * the dynamic presentation of the museum exhibition and the demonstration of traditional labour skills; * the innovation exhibition approach at the handicraft workshops; * the location of the sites in buildings – architectural monuments of culture, included in an architectural reserve (the biggest one in a town in the Rhodopes!), inhabited the year round by its keepers.

In 2004 EAC was included on the list of the 100 national tourist sites in the Republic of Bulgaria. In early 2006 it was declared “the best unique ethnographic complex in Bulgaria in 2005”. Now EAC has the possibility, through its numerous sites, to offer its visitors both types of tourist services – (accommodation, food and transportation) and basic auxiliary (complementary), combined into various tourist packages (one-day and several-days).

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