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The Arbanassi monastery "St. Nikola" is located in the middle of the Arbanashko plateau of the Middle Fore-Balkan, in the village of Arbanassi. It was founded in 1833 by the monk Zotik around the already existing parish church, deserted after a kurdjali assault in 1798. At present it is a constantly functioning monastery.

The monastery is a complex consisting of a church, Bulgarian Renaissance Arbanassi houses and a chapel. The church is one-nef, one-apse, with a narthex, one-cupola building with an eastern (men's) and a western (women's) sections. It was built in the 17th-18th century and in 1716 the chapel "St. Iliya" was added to the northern side of the church. The residential and the farm buildings were built in the period 1833-1870. The wood-carved iconostasis from the 17th-18th century is remarkable, as well as the antique bronze chandelier, presented to the church in 1746. The monastery was declared a monument of culture and it is within the borders of the historical and architectural-archeological reserve of Arbanassi. The monastery and the village of Arbanassi are 4 km to the north-east of the town of Veliko Turnovo. There is regular bus transport to the towns of Veliko Turnovo and Gorna Oryahovitsa.

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