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The late ancient tomb of Silistra

One of the most interesting ancient tombs ever found on the territory of Bulgaria has been uncovered not far from Silistra.

It dates back to the 4th century - the time when Emperor Theodosius ruled, and is remarkable for its ornate decoration (geometrical, animal and human figures, hunting scenes, a family couple and their maid-servants) is influenced by the tradition of the Hellenistic age and is of exceptional artistic and historical value. The walls and the domes of the tomb are covered with paintings attracting scholars and lovers of the arts with their mysticism and perfection.

From what is known, a Roman noble family, whose members lived during the 4th century AD were buried there. The polychrome walls each show scenes from the life of the family. In the north and south panels, male and female servants approach, carrying garments and toiletries. In 1964 preservation efforts began on the tomb, allowing extensive reconstruction of its mural paintings. The tomb has been declared one of the rare monuments of art dating from the Late Antiquity.

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