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The resort is situated 30 km north of Varna on a picturesque bay.

The beachfront is 5 km in length. The air temperature in summer is 23-28°C (73-82°F), the seawater temperature - 23-25°C (73-77°F). More than 100 eating establishments - from first-class restaurants to fast food - are at the disposal of the guests near the coastline, as well as many discotheques, casinos, bowling, bars, as well as a children's amusement park with mini-roller coasters, children's disco, water slide, football pitches. In the resort one finds the conditions for various types of sport - surf, swimming pools, tennis courts, water ski, miniature golf, indoor sport halls, hang-gliding, and horseback riding. The Dobrudzha Hotel is equipped with a modern conference centre. Convenient transport is provided for the tourists - shuttle trains, horse-drawn carriages, taxis, rental cars, regular bus lines to the nearest villages. Every comfort is afforded the resort's guests by the 39 hotels, 5 holiday villa settlements, the luxury bungalows and the campsites available. Albena hosts the International Children's Festival, the Golden Antennae Festival for musical and entertainment TV channels and a pop-rock festival. The Baltata Bioshperic Reserve is in the neighbourhood; it is situated in the Longoz forest down the Batova River; it was created in 1962, covering an area of 198 hectares, with the goal of protecting a few species of long-trunked trees, as well as rare species of birds.

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