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a journey through the bulgarian history

“Eco Dragoyna” is a tourist service and development organization registered in the Bulgarian law system with Finding No– 6381/10.15.2004, with decision of the Plovdiv municipal court of law. “Eco Dragoyna” is working on researching and developing the tourism and granting new investment opportunities in the region of  Plovdiv and the Eastern Rhodopi Mountain. Our goal is to populate the cultural; folklore; local traditions and music exchange among different cultures in the world. We are open to all new opportunities: to discover and to be discovered. "Trakia-Tours" can offer you comfort and natural beauty while in the same time avoiding the noise, crowd and inconveniences of popular tourist destinations like Bansko, Borovetz or Pamporovo. Our offer includes visits to monasteries, ancient Thracian towns, tombs, treasures and many other exciting activities combined with the pleasure of the perfect rest in a comfortable mountain places in beautiful Bulgarian villages and in the Thracian valley. Our tourists will get the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments and to enjoy the hospitality of our friendly hosts. For those who are not aware of the Bulgarian traditional cuisine, it will be a chance to discover some local Bulgarian dishes prepared the same way as hundreds of years ago. The fresh mountains' air and the wild Rhodopi Mountain breathtaking nature will make the experience even better along with the visits to the wine factories. For those who hadn’t been in Bulgaria before and love ancient history, visits to the old town of Plovdiv /the second biggest city in Bulgaria/ where different cultures have met for centuries will be at great interest. The typical architecture, crafts, shops and restaurants welcomes visitors all the year. Or one can either enjoy shopping on the main street of Plovdiv where most of the world famous designers can be found on reasonable prices. Our team is quickly developing and arranging new destinations including mountain lodges and accommodations in villages where tourists can penetrate in the peaceful and colorful atmosphere of the traditional Bulgarian villages as it was in 1800. Our tourists will have company transportation for the whole staying which will take them to all visits, guest houses and complex. They will have English speaking guide all the time during the sightseeing and other activities. There is a lot more to be said but it is no worth saying something that words cannot describe. One can only experience those inner feelings and become a part of a whole new universe – Bulgaria.

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