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The house of Nikola Nedkovich was built in 1863 in the spirit of European Classicism. Foreign specialists researching the Bulgarian architecture from the National Revival period find a resemblance between the building and the Italian Renaissance palazzo.
The facade is richly decorated and it impresses with a solemn four-column portico. The columns are made of stone, with capitals and supporting semi-circular arcs. The middle rhizolith ends with an elegant triangular pediment recurring on a smaller scale over every window. The house combines in an original way the ideas of aesthetics and convenience with the requirements for representativeness of that time. The ceilings on the first floor are with woodcarving, the rooms are symmetrical on both sides of a wide lounqe-hayet. They are richly decorated and each had a strictly defined purpose. The "green room" was for the womenfolk (or mother's room), the "red room" was for guests, the "lilac room" was the dining room, and the "orange room" was the sitting room. The interior decoration of the second floor was completed twenty years later, but without wood-carved ceilings. Its furnishing is in Late Baroque style.
The house has a small courtyard with lush greenery. An auxiliary additional building has been preserved, with a floor for the servants and a ground floor with a kitchen-laundry room with a fireplace and a large stone trough for the laundry. The deep basement rooms had a direct link to the street by means of a tunnel below the courtyard. The eastern part of the courtyard ends with a beautiful veranda. A white marble fountain and a marble well over a large cistern attribute an accomplished artistic appearance to the courtyard space.
The house now shows a museum exhibition of the interior decoration of the rich 19th century Plovdiv homes, mostly furniture and belongings of the Nedkovich family.

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