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The Four Houses

The Four Houses Four houses with thick stone walls, a yard with fruit-trees, a swimming pool, a summer bar and a view that entices the eyes to roam around the Predbalkan's soft hills... The houses provide a total of 6+1 double bedrooms with bathrooms and have the capacity to house up to 20 people, if the extending sofas in the living rooms are used. Each of the individually available houses has a completely furnished kitchen, a dining room, sanitary facilities, and a separate veranda. The layout and amenities in all rooms offer a perfect place to relax in the countryside and have fun with family friends or relatives.

The houses' interior can in no way be described as 'rustic'. A moderately-minimalist-styled furnishing offers functionality and no 'new money' luxuries – mostly made of natural materials, harmonised with the environment. In the Four Houses, you will not see decoration that is there simply because of decoration itself. There are clever highlights in design, which do not fatigue the senses, but instead use the beauty of pure lines and bring back the pleasure of playing with items. Some of them have unexpected purposes – designers also have a sense of humour. In fact, the most beautiful decoration of the Four Houses is the countryside around them and the feeling of calmness they create inside you.

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