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The town of Pomorie is situated on a narrow, rocky peninsula, stretching out approximately 5 km into the sea, 20 km from Burgas and 18 km from Sunny Beach. The entrance to the town is by way of a long isthmus between the sea and the Pomorie Bay.
There was a Thracian settlement in this site near the salty lake, which was then considered sacred due to its curative powers. The settlement was later colonized by the Greeks and named Anhialo. Under the Roman rule, the town garnered greater glory than even Apolonia (Sozopol) for a long period. Its rise was interrupted by barbarian invasions during the 8th century. It was built up again by the Byzantine Empress Irene. The town passed from Bulgarian to Byzantine rule more than once, remaining more often in Bulgarian territory. It fell under Ottoman rule in 1453. It was restored After the Liberation and now holds primary significance in trade on the Burgas Bay.

• Ancient domed grave from the era of late-Roman rule in this area.
• St. George the Victor's Monastery, still active, a monument of the National Revival architecture, where icons from 18-19th century are preserved as well as a stone relief of St. George.
• The small Transfiguration of Christ's Church (1764) and the
Holy Godmother's church, built by the best student of the master Kolyu Ficheto - Usta Gencho.
• The Museum Exposition in the home where the poet Peyo Yavorov lived (1877-1914) - he is considered to be the founding father of symbolism in Bulgarian poetry - and his monument near Yavorov's Rocks.
• The old Pomorie houses - an architectural reserve.
• The old Anhialo salt-works - a museum site.
• Lake Pomorie - a protected area, a super salty lagoon with an area of 1000 hectares.
• Blatnoto Kokiche - a protected area near the village of Goritsa.
• Koriyata - a natural landmark near the village of Galabets.
• The Medicinal Mud Centre, for the treatment of diseases of the muscular-skeletal system, radiculitis (spinal nerve inflammation), rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago, herniated disks, etc.

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