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The town of Pliska is situated on the southern end of the Ludogorsko Plateau.
This was the first capital of the Bulgarian state, founded by Khan Asparuh in 681 (In 893, during the reign of Tsar Simeon I, Preslav became the royal town). It was called Aboba during the Ottoman rule, and later - Pliskov. Its present name dates from 1947.

• The remains of the old capital city - one of the best preserved historical and architectural reserves in all of Bulgaria - are located 2 km from the present-day Pliska and 28 km (17 miles) from Shumen, and are set up as an open-air museum. The settlement was set up as a citadel - the centre of three defensive circles with a total area of 23 km2 (9 sq. miles) -forming an inner and outer town. A large palace (which included a throne room) and a smaller palace (which was the residence of the ruler) were situated inside the fortress along with a heathen shrine and commercial buildings. The most active construction was performed during the time of Khan Omurtag and his heir Malamir, whose desire was to turn Pliska into one of the greatest eastern European centres. A new palace was built for the Khan, in addition to civilian and religious buildings, stone walls around the central courtyard, water basin and baths. Pliska was a well-equipped town for its time - with a heating system, sewer system, windows, etc. hi the outer town a large basilica was raised by Prince Boris, which is one of the most imposing medieval architectural monuments. An archaeological museum is arranged near the excavations.
• Compositions from the Megalithic Era in the locale of Merata.
• The village of Chatalar (now Tsar Krum Station), where a stone pillar was found with an inscription from 821, which gives detailed information regarding the building projects of the Khan, the relationships with the Byzantines and his future intentions. It contains the well-known phrase, "Even if a person lives well, he dies and another is bom...".

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