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The renowned balneological resort spreads out between the Balkan Mountains and the Sredna Gora in the famous Rose Valley, near the Tundzha River.

The water from this river forms one of the prettiest and largest Bulgarian dam lakes - Koprinka.

During archaeological excavations around these hot mineral springs in Pavel Banya remains of an ancient city were discovered -Roman baths, balneological equipment, a large Christian church and other buildings - which prove that the resort was known since antiquity. The present-day town was founded immediately after the liberation from the Ottoman rule. The Bulgarian emigrants named it after St. Paul (Pavel) and Prince Pavel, the brother of the Russian Tsar-Liberator.

• The mineral water, which is used to treat diseases of the skeletal-muscular system, central and peripheral nervous systems, as well as gynecological and other diseases. The Spa Health Centre in Pavel Banya is specialized in the rehabilitation of those suffering herniated (bulging) disks. The sanatorium erected with a holiday centre with an easy access to the resort is a foundation for the development of balneological and spa tourism.
• The locale of Dabravata 2 km from the city, the climate affords health benefits to those suffering from cardio-pulmonary problems. The spring is situated 2 km (1.2 miles) from there. It has a curative effect on the excretory system.
• Chudomir's Museum in the village of Turiya, where the great Bulgarian writer and artist, Dimitar Ivanov Chorbadzhiyski (nicknamed Chudomir), was born.
• The Kuker holiday celebrations, which are held on the days of Sirni Zagovezni (the first Sunday before Lent). Mummers, dressed in goats' skins and horned headdress, dance throughout the town and chase the evil from the homes and hearts of the people.
• The Dzhananova House in the village of Gabarevo, where the Apostle of Bulgarian Freedom - Vasil Levski - founded a revolutionary committee in 1869.
• Ethnographic Exhibition in the village of Tazha.
• Filial of the Kazanlak Art Gallery in the village of Tarnichene.
• A 200-year-old Branchy Hornbeam - a rare variety of tree (6 km or 3.5 miles south of the village of Turia).

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