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Kalofer is situated in the Tundzha river valley extension, at the foot of the Krastets (a.k.a. Strazha) ridge - a shelf connecting the Balkan Mountains with the Sredna Gora Mountains. Northwest of the city is the highest peak in the Balkan Mountains - Botev.

As legend says, the city was founded in the 16th century by Kalifer Voyvoda, (militia leader), a terror to the Turks. The Sultan - after not being able to defeat or catch him - gave his blessing for Kalifer and his freedom fighters to settle in the forest in return for the promise that they would not attack the Turkish caravans. They captured maidens for themselves from Sopot and created a town. During the next centuries it grew to be a cultural and commercial centre and was called Allan (tur. Golden) Kalofer. Two schools were built and educational societies were founded. The history of the town abounds with the names of distinguished Bulgarians - scholars, community activists and revolutionaries. During the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation, Kalofer shared the fate of many other Bulgarian towns - it was put to fire by the bashi-bozuk.

• The House-Museum of Hristo Botev.
• The school of Daskal (Teacher) Botyo, in which an art gallery and a museum of education are set up, and, next to the school building, there is a memorial bust of the teacher, Botyo Petkov - who also happens to be the father of Hristo Botev.
• Old churches of the National Revival era: the Holy Virgin's; St. Athanasius', St. Archangel Michael's, St. Petka's.
• A memorial complex, above which the granite figure of Hristo Botev towers.
• Monument to Kalifer Voyvoda.
• Stone bridges over the Tundzha River from the National Revival era.
• National-Revival complex of old houses on the Tundzha River.
• Rose oil extractor.
• Botevata Polyana Park.
• The Panitsite Recreational Centre 6 km from Kalofer.
• The Presentation of the Godmother's (1700).
• Kalofer Holy Virgin's Monastery (1640), built on the right bank of the Byala (White) River- burned down several times, it was reconstructed in 1819. In 1880 the monastery's church was restored to use upon the foundations of the old one.

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