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Fortress of Didymoteicho

The area around the town was founded at neolithic times. It was an important Thracian and Hellenistic town. The town was sacked by the Romans in 204. In the early 2nd century b.c, the Roman emperor Trajan created a new city between the two hills surrounding the town and names it Plotinopolis, after his wife. The city would later be one of the most important town in Thrace, having her own Parliament. In medieval times it was an important market town and one of the finest hunting places for emperors and later Sultans. It was well fortified by the Byzantines and after 1261 and the reconquest of Constantinople by the Greeks, this became the most important city in Thrace and the Byzantine Macedonia. The city met several disasters from the Serbians of Stefan Dusan and the Bulgarians, as well as glories such as it's rise as a capital during the first half of the 14th century, during the Palaiologist's civil wars. This city was also the birthplace of the Emperors John C Batazes and John E the Palaiologian

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