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Dobrudzha lies in the Northeastern part of Bulgaria. It is bounded by the Danube to the North, the Black Sea to the East, and the Northern folklore area to the West. It is the bread-basket of Bulgaria. The songs and dances of the Dobrudzha area have been determined to a large extent by the life and work style of the people living there. Most characteristic of the area are the harvest songs in which people praise the land and its fertility. The gadulka, kaval and bagpipe are traditional instruments. The most famous Dobrudzha dance tunes are the ruki, sboreni and ruchenitsa. Dobrudzha dances are characterized by high spirits, agile body movements, with hands and shoulders being involved in the dance. They are of a moderate tempo, and involve squats and a slight backwards tilt of the body. The melodies of Dobroudzha are original, fresh and elaborately ornamented. The dancing traditions here are plastic and highly expressive. You watch these moving shoulders and finely trembling hands and catch the breath of the wind over the wavering wheat.

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