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Recently the Bulgarians have developed yet another cultural festival referred to as a Sabor or a folklore festival, which is a celebration of the Bulgarian spirit. It preserves and maintains the authentic Bulgarian traditions and folklore in our modern busy, dynamic, and globalizing lives. There has been a growing interest in traditional music, songs, dances and poetry.

Every year various groups from all over Bulgaria take part in these festivals and show that Bulgarian people drink from the spring of life where values have been preserved and this supplies them with strength and national pride.

Thousands of singers, instrumentalists and performers of old rituals gather on various stages. However, the participants do not divide into performers and spectators. They are all people who have come to the festival to get away from their daily routines and share the pleasure of watching the artistry of the performers, to partake of the beauty of nature and clear air. What comes out of this is a real celebration of folk culture, which, in order to be understood, should be experienced. The folklore festivals are not only symbols of tradition; they also attract a large number of foreigners who love Bulgarian folklore and take away with them a portion of it, thus spreading it all over the world.

The folklore festivals, popular gatherings and holidays give lots of joy and enthusiasm. There one can hear and see unique performances of people of most diverse ages (from children to grandmothers and grandfathers; attend singing, playing and dancing competitions, be amazed by the authentic folklore and pleasantly surprised by the skilful orchestration and song arrangement. Particularly popular are the traditional folk rallies in Koprivshtitsa, Shiroka Luka, Haskovo and the localities of Rozhen and Predela; the international folklore festivals in Sofia, Bourgas, Albena, Rousse, Plovdiv, Shoumen, the Orpheus' folklore holidays in Smolyan, the Festival of Roses in Kazanluk, the International Festival of Koukeri Masked Dancers and Masquerade Games in Pernik, and so on and so forth.

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